7 Things Every 20something Needs To Know Before Making A Career Move

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Making important decisions can be tricky. It is even worse when decisions are made from an uninformed standpoint. The consequences more often than not are dire. One of the most important decisions one will have to make in life is choosing a career path, and here are a few pointers to help you make that decision from an informed standpoint.

  1. Know Yourself.
    The journey of success in life starts with the realization of who you are. And I am not talking about what your name is or where you hail from. I am relating to the things that make you think the way you think, react and conclude on matters. Those things make you. Things that inspire you, annoy you, challenge and make you want to go on or not. Find them out.
  2. Core Values.
    In selection of career, you need to understand your belief system. The principles that shape your views about life. Those internal entrenchments that influence your views.
  3. Your interest.
    What careers interest you? Do you love taking care of people? Coining or recording money? Taking up people’s cases or issues for justice, counseling or impacting knowledge? These interests will shape your selection of career.
  4. Options.
    Ask what your options are. “If what I’m interested in is not available, what next?” Or “If I can’t do/have this now, what options do I have?” Many stick to their interests but with limited chances of actually getting them. Knowing what your options are puts a considerable amount of power in your hands.
  5. Learn and understand.
    You must learn about your career interests and options. Ask What does it take?, Where can I study this?, Who has done it before?, What do they get doing it?, Where can I practice or use the degree? and so many other questions that will give you a better view of your selection.
  6. The future.
    What lies ahead of this career option? What technology will drive or change about this option? Will this option be relevant in few years or not? What will be my earning capability and what threats will take me out of the market?
  7. You can’t do what everyone does. Peer pressure, societal influence, and error of judgement must be well understood and avoided in career selection. Do not be unduly influenced by what everyone is doing. This is why I said earlier that you must first understand yourself and find out your core values.

Here is wishing you the best in your chosen career path.


Author: Tunde Bello

Financial, Business & Tax Consultant

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