It held promises to be the largest food and beverage trade exhibition in West Africa and they delivered. After 72hours, more than 100 exhibitors, dozens of interviews and hundreds of pictures later, here is what we learnt about Food West Africa 2018

  1. It succeeded again, in creating a bridge for producers, retailers and even consumers of the varying products to connect and have an insight beyond internet research into the different products of the brands at the exhibition and ask important questions about the whys and the product and get to make decisions and give their feedbacks, which is actually a good thing.
  2. Trade which is key word in this exhibition actually did happen. What was created was also a bridge but this time, the bridge made it easier for brands with zero experience on how the West Africa food and beverage industry to meet with investors and importers with this experience and an understanding with what works and exactly how it works.

In the end, we turn our eyes to how it fosters economic growth and strengthens our food and beverage industry from the introduction of new varieties and competitions.

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Most importantly, we want to re-live the event through our lens.

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