How Glo Mobile Money will help change lives


A new product, Glo Mobile Money, will help accelerate financial inclusion to over 60 million unbanked people in the country within a short time.

The Glo Mobile Money is an agent network which will hasten the drive towards a cash-light Nigerian society and will help to boost overall economy of the country.

This new payment solution, which enables financial transactions on the mobile phone, will provide for safe and secure transfers to reduce physical cash management. The solution will allow instant transfers with 24/7 availability with Agent network ready for all payments including merchant, salary, person to person transfers. The solution will also facilitate insurance payments, fixed deposits, international transfers and loans. Koleosho explained that the Glo Mobile Money does not require high end devices and is not data dependent.

There are several other services and products from Glo which will position Nigeria to tap into the benefits of the global digital revolution in 2019.

One of the other products announced is World Connect, a new product designed to keep busy executives connected to their offices from anywhere in the world. World Connect offers “the most affordable roaming data” in and out of 60 countries with over 6.4 million wifi hotspots worldwide including leading airports around the globe.

The other solutions announced by Globacom  are Glo Drive, Glo Health, Glo Entertainment Portal, Glo Call Connect Service, World Connect and Glo Titi, the Artificial Intelligence platform.

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