What color says your urine is okay?


Urination is an everyday call of nature, one that is either first or second each day. Most people excrete urine yellowish or straw in colour while others have it as clear as drinking water. But even then situation so change. For most of us, urine that is clear as water is a dream at least for most of the time.

No wonder, you would like to know why is the urine yellowish in colour and also whether this is a good thing.rine is composed of a pigment known as urochrome or urobilin which appears to be yellow, straw or amber.

Scientists have said that the color of urine depends on the concentration of the pigment. 

However, the human body functions best when it is properly hydrated. So, when one takes a lot or enough amount of water, the pigment gets diluted and the urine excreted appears clear or less yellowish. That is very much approved by most people.

Please note that this pigment is not the only thing that alters the color of urine but also the chemical composition of the food one eats, or underlying medical conditions. 

So what is the normal colour of urine?

It should fall on the yellow spectrum depending on the amount of water one takes. If you take enough amounts of water you are hydrated and have pale yellow urine while those who take less water have dehydrated bodies hence deep yellow or amber urine colours. 

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