Polaris Bank introduces fast loan solution


Polaris Bank has introduced a fast loan solution called Polaris Salary Advance, which does not require collateral.

The Bank’s statement states that this is in line with its commitment to create innovative financial solutions.

It was stated: “Polaris Salary Advance is a customer-focused product that allows employees to receive up to 50 percent of their monthly net salary to meet their basic needs before the next payday.

“This product is designed to provide short-term financing for its customers through convenient and affordable digital channels, such as mobile phones.”

Adebimpe Ihekuna, Group Leader, Product and Market Development, explained its features and explained that the product was designed to enable consumers to meet urgent financial needs such as paying for school, emergency, environment cases where to finance and pay bills needed. Ihekuna said that the facility is easily accessible.

He explained that all users have to do is press * 833 * 12 # to contact Polaris USSD Banking, which will display the loan authorization and option to enter the required registered loan amount.

“The following menu shows the loan amount requested by bidding, with the option to choose 1-pick or 2-cut, and the customer chooses 1-pick, and the loan amount is immediately paid into the customer’s salary.”

In addition to the financial benefits offered by Polaris Salance Advance to our clients, they say that access to such low-interest loans improves consumers’ lifestyles and helps them consider their resources instead of dealing with insecure sources.

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