LG heralds innovation through cooking gas


LG recently made a move to spice up the kitchen experience of its customers. As such, the world’s leading electronics giant, announced the launch of its new range of gas cooker, Cancun in Nigeria.

The new product was launched to enhance the company’s tech innovation. The gas cooker offers auto-off timer and Dual Heating technology with electric grilling heater.

According to Mr Tae-ick Son, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, the new LG Cancun comes with strong and solid stainless finishing; blue interior that provides an upscale look with premium interior design and state-of-the-art Glass Touch Control which makes it easy to control and clean, free from knob trouble.

The gas cooker also has a tilted cooktop control that helps intuitive grasp and to turn on & off easily.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new gas cooker – Cancun in Nigeria. The company’s focus is to offer customers gas cookers that will offer everyone a seamless cooking experience. LG Cancun was produced to further make cooking fun.

“The new cooking gas offers excellent culinary performance. It has Triple UltraHeat Burner with 3.6 KW powerful heating capacity that makes Even Cooking and reduces the cooking time remarkably. It adopts Dual Heating technology with electric grilling heater on the top and gas baking heater at the bottom and has recessed opening for holding the oven handle comfortably”, Mr Son said.

He added, “The new LG Cancun makes cooking and baking more convenient and safe. You can easily present the Auto-Off time of LG New Cooker while it is on.

It automatically turns off according to the present time. So you don’t have to wait any more in front of the cooker until the food is done. The Safe Closing Damper also prevents the glass cover from being suddenly shut. Even if you let go of the glass cover, it will be suspended at 45° degree.

“With EasyClean™, 3 steps, 20 minutes, spotless oven, you won’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals, disgusting fumes and rigorous manual labour to clean your oven. You can easily remove any residue with water water-friendly enamel. Just wipe away any residue after spraying water inside the oven and pressing EasyClean™ button to activate 20 minutes cleaning course”,

In addition, other features of LG Cancun, have beautifully designed exteriors and advanced technology deployed in the production so as to create an inspiring, functional kitchen that will bring out the user’s inner chef.

“You can cook foods such as fried eggs, steaks and vegetables on the Cast Iron Griddle at the same time. You can put the griddle anywhere you want according to the food type.

The 3-layered Oven Glass of the new gas cooker is very rigid and maintains 10℃ lower than the conventional one while it is on for the safe cooking. It is equipped with 6 different burners, so it becomes possible to prepare 6 different foods at once and it is easy to put big pots on the cooker at the same time because of the widened space in between the burners”, the LG’s managing director further explained.

LG Cancun Gas Cooker is equipped with 6 different burners.

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