Confluence Rice: Is it the best for Nigerians?


Confluence Rice can proudly be accorded the eighth wonder of the world and probably the number one of such wonders in Nigeria; a world-class rice meal that started and completed within two years – 2017-2019 with all modern facilities and machinery in place and well ready for production within the limited time.

Such timing is only achievable in Nigeria with high level of discipline and determination of the stakeholders and optimum support and appropriate funding by the government and the stakeholders that be; the exact elements that put up this Confluence Rice wonder in Kogi State.

A rice plant with its own hybrid rice plantation of over 800 hectares within the same neighbourhood of the mill at Ejiba, Yagba West Local Government area of Kogi State. Working at production of 50 tonnes of finished product per shift, to make 100 tonnes per day at start; with the sole aim of putting rice on everybody’s table in Nigeria at such an unprecedented affordable cost.

Confluence Rice is a major agricultural project initiative of the incumbent government of Kogi state under the leadership of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello, in collaboration with Agri Integrated Services Africa Limited, a leading international organisation made up of Agriculture Experts and Resource Managers. The rice mill is the second largest in Nigeria with quite so large expanse of rice plantation land which practically could be driven through with not less than 46 minutes at 50km/hr, to and fro.

While responding to a pertinent question on the quality of the final products from the gigantic rice mill, the Project Supervisor, Mr. Oluwadamilare Shodunke, said with all confidence that there could not be any difference from the presently imported rice and Confluence Rice because the highly sophisticated machinery which are put in place at the rice mill are of different sorts and categories with different work specifications. He is quoted as saying “This is an international standard rice but made in Nigeria and not local as people may think. We have machine that separates anything stones or stony objects; we have machine that picks brown rice, I mean the machine that separates colours (colour separator), so you cannot see any brownish rice in the finally packaged bags; we have machine that polishes rice for final packaging…”.

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