10 Most Lucrative African Industries for Foreign Investors


Are you an investor and will love to invest in African industries? There are so many industries in Africa that investors should be watching for. There are some industrial sectors in Africa they I believe are gold mines.

Just as the gold in its raw form is oblivion to many people because it is hidden, these industries are also oblivion to many people even though they are great source of investment as they have huge potentials to make maximum profit.

I will be serving as your gold digger that will help you to dig out these gold (industries) they are not so obvious to you. Read on to get your gold.


Agriculture IndustryThis is one hot African industry investors should be watching. The agriculture industry is one of the first that any intending investor should consider. There is a high demand for agricultural products, not only in Africa but all over the world. There is need for greater food production in order to provide food for the population that is on high increase globally.

Also, the increase in health related disease has made a lot of people to shift their focus to the usage of organic products that are made with agricultural products. This clearly shows that there is already an available market for the agriculture industry.

Apart from the market that is already on ground, the needed resources are also available. It is said that about 50% of the world’s uncultivated lands are in Africa and these lands are suitable for growing crops. Alongside the arable lands, Africa has a very good climatic condition that is favorable for farming.

Also, there is more than enough manpower and workforce needed in the industry. This is because Africa’s population comprises mostly of young people who have the energy and vigour to carry out the arduous tasks peculiar to the industry.

Import and Export Industry

It is of no news that the world is now a global market. The advent of globalization coupled with the proliferation has made international trade easier and flexible. Countries of the world can now buy and sell from one another with so much ease. Investors can make most of this opportunity by looking into the import and export industry.

African countries mostly consume products from advanced countries. So importing goods from these advanced countries into Africa to resell is a very good business investment because you already have people on ground that is willingly to buy.

There are also a lot of Africans in Diasporas who are in dire need of African goods to use. Exporting these needed products to them is also a good way an investor can make money for his business.

Fashion Industry

I believe that the second most fundamental need of man after food is clothing. No sane man can go about without putting on clothes. Rather, it is the desire of every man to put on fashionable clothes and look good.

So, the fashion industry is one of the lucrative industries an investor can invest in. According to Deola Sagoe, a leading fashion designer in West Africa, Africa fashion can become a $18.5 billion industry in the next five years.

The Africa fashion industry has done a good in building an international presence. It is now a common trend to find international celebrities rocking African wears. And the good news is that the African fashion industry has not really been saturated with too much investor which means that competition is still very minimal.


This is one hot African industry investors should be watching. The role of education in the development of a country cannot be over emphasized. But most of the governments in African countries have neglected the education sector. However, many people desire to have quality education because it is believed that this leads to improvement in their standard of living and change of status.

Since the governments have failed in meeting this desire, investors can take it up and find a way to come up with quality and affordable education in African countries.

They can study the strategies that schools like Omega School in Ghana, Slum2School in Nigeria, and Bridge International Schools in Kenya are making use of it in providing affordable educations and from these, they can develop a better model to employ.

Investors can also look into offering online education. Most of the graduates from African higher institutions are unemployed because they don’t have the knowhow on how to find solutions to problems.

So, investors can offer online education to teach them the necessary problem solving skills that people are willingly to pay for.

Others hot African industries investors should watch out for includes, the manufacturing industry, retailing stores, ecommerce store, real estate, electricity, and public transportation. It should be noted that these list are exhaustive.

There are still many more apart from the ones I listed above. But am sure the ones that I have provided will be a great guide in making a good investment decisions.

So, read it thoroughly and look for the one you feel it is suitable for you. Research and learn all you can about it; armed with necessary information, you can then start out.

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