Covid-19: World leaders need Madagascar’s herbal tonic


With a recent BBC publication on Yahoo news about Madagascar’s Covid organics herbal cure for covid-19, it is indeed time for world leaders to swallow their pride and save humanity at all cost.

It is also about time to truly query the sincerity of WHO. Rather than probe alternative medicine, they are quick to discredit any other alternative to eradicate diseases. Is the organization sincere about protecting humanity’s health and well being or just paying lip service? America’s president, Donald Trump decided to stop finding the World Health Organization because WHOs stance on the Covid-19 pandemic is suspect.

Madagascar’s President, Rajoelina asked researchers to come up with a locally made product, which they did in record time.

According to the president’s chief of staff Lova Hasinirina Ranoromaro who told the BBC that the herbal product was being marketed in a bottle and as a herbal tea after being tested on fewer than 20 people over a period of three weeks.

The president, who drank the herbal mixture during launch also urged school children to sip the tonic throughout the day.

Reports have it that Covid-Organics is produced from the artemisia plant – the source of an ingredient used in a malaria treatment – and other Malagasy plants.

Even though the country’s national medical academy (Anamem) has also cast doubt on the efficacy of Andry Rajoelina’s touted prevention and remedy, the plant-based tonic is to be given free of charge to the most vulnerable.

Waving off an alternative solution to a problem is not the best way to save humanity. The best method is to do more research and discover the truth. A problem can have myriad solutions and we cannot continue to be rigid about the methods we already know.

The world needs urgent attention and no alternative should be flung out of the window.

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