The Concept Of Economy Development


The agriculture sector was the focus of intense development interest during the 1990’s with food self sufficiency the goal in 1990 agriculture was the subject of separate three years development plan involving public and private spending target concentrating on the family former. The agriculture problem program include price stabilization plans and schemes to revitalize the palms oli rubber sub sector. The agricultural development project continued through the decades, bit implementation of goals was difficult, the country still imports most of it’s wheat from the united state.

An integrated petrochemical industry was also propriety; using the output of the nation to refinery Nigeria produced benzene, carbon black and poly, propylene. The development of liquid national gas facility are expected to lead to the production of mentioned fertilizer and domestic gas.

Nigeria refineries operated at less than optimal rate through out the 1990.

In Nigeria manufacturing sector, the government was backing a policy of local sourcing whereby locally produced raw materials we’re converted into finishing product. By 1999, manufacturing accounted for less than grow domestic product

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