Gino Tomato Company Constructs ₦20bn Tomato Processing Facility In Kebbi


Nigeria is among the biggest producer of tomato in the world, but yet we are still one of the largest importers of tomato paste in the world due to lack of government intervention and also lack of processing facilities.

Because of these problems, GB foods who are the owners of brands like Gino tomato paste, Jago Mayonnaise, among others therefore decided to invest 20bn into building a factory for the processing of tomatoes into tomato paste.

The factory is currently located in kebbi state and has just recently been completed.

Gino is a well-established brand in Nigeria because of its wide range of quality products that make the daily lives of many African families easier: this include tomato mix, taste enhancers, among other products.

The government needs to continue to support the private actor if it needs to achieve it’s diversification agenda. Even with all the policies on diversification implemented by the government, we are still a mono export economy which is very bad for any economy. The government needs to make Nigeria investment friendly in other for companies to come into Nigeria. Tax holidays should be given to startup companies, power supply should be uninterrupted among others

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