History of Obas of Lagos


Ashipa was viewed as the author of tradition of Lagos. He was the child Oba of Benin. He was going about as the pioneer of the individuals of Lagos yet not as the lord. He fills in as the go between the Oba of Benin and the individuals of Lagos ( Eko),he went through 27 years as the pioneer of Eko ,and kicked the bucket in 1630 and his child Ado assumed control over his obligation. 

OBA ADO (1630-1669) 

Oba Ado, the child of Ashipa assumed control over the position of authority played by his dad in 1630 during his own rule, he was raised to an Oba and was crown as the ruler of Lagos by the Oba of Benin. Oba ado turned into the first Oba of Lagos. Oba ado had three children,2 guys and 1 female. They incorporate (Gabaro, Akinsemoyin, and Erelu Kuti).Oba ado governed for 39years. He joined his predecessor in 1669 and his first child Gabaro succeeded him. 

OBA GABARO (1669-1704) 

Oba Gabaro was introduced in 1669 after his dad demise. During his rule, he moved the administration to the island specifically isale eko where the current iga Idungran is today.he was the first Oba to raise a structure in the royal residence, he likewise made the foundation of chieftaincy and kingmakers.he had just a single youngster during his lifetime called Eletu kekere.Oba Gabaro kicked the bucket in 1904 and his sibling Akinsemoyin succeeded him. 

Oba Akinsemoyin began in claim reign in 1704, it was during his rule that the Portuguese came to Lagos as slave sellers. It was in records that the royal residence “iga idungran” was worked during this period with the help of the Portuguese . Oba Akinsemoyin never had a child however he has six female kids, he reign for a long time and passed on in 1749. 


Oba Eletu kekere succeeded Oba akinsemoyin(his uncle).Oba eletu kekere was the main child of Oba Gabaro, during his rule, he had no kid and kicked the bucket inside the year he was introduced as the Oba.therefore finishing the genealogy of Oba gabaro. After his demise, there was contention on who to succeed the position of authority, in light of the fact that Oba akinsemoyin had no child. Erelu kuti the sister of akinsemoyin is likewise a female and it isn’t workable for a female to succeed the throne.The just alternative was to pick the child of Erelu kuti to succeed the position of authority. Erelu kuti has two child’s (Ologun-kutere and sokun).The oldest child Ologun-kutere was picked to succeed the position of royalty. 


Oba Ologun Kutere climbed the position of royalty in 1949 after the passing of his cousin Eletu Kekere. Oba ologun kutere was a solid ruler, he won the regard of neighboring Oba by the manner in which he dealt with a compromising disobedience to paying tributes. He had 6 kids “Eshinlokun, Adele, Akitoye, Olusi, Akiolu, and Olukoya”.he joined his predecessor in 1775 and was prevailing by his child ADELE AJOSUN(his child) 

OBA ADELE AJOSUN(1775-1780& 1832 – 1834) 

In 1775, when Oba Adele Ajosun succeeded his dad, Lagos entered a period where the Oba needed to fret about solidifying their situation on the honored position , his rule was rich with interests and counter-interests among him and his sibling ESHILOKUN. Oba Adele Ajosun was a liberal dad who permitted his youngsters to present “EGUNGUN” to the castle. This prompted his ousting and he was expelled in 1780 however was reestablished in 1832 after his brother(ESHILOKUN), and nephew-IDEWU OJULARI had ruled. He kicked the bucket in 1834 

OBA ESHILOKUN(1780-1819) 

Oba Eshilokun went to the honored position in 1780 after the deposing of Oba Adele ajosun, however his rule was uneventful, he effectively opposed the endeavor by Adele to expel him from the royal position . He kept the royal position till 1819 when he in the long run joined his progenitors. He had 2 children(Idewu Ojulari and Kosoko) 


When Oba idewu ojulari assumed control over the position of royalty, he was viewed as a famous lord who turned out to be so fixated by covetousness. He was offered the guidance to go oust or end it all, the customary method for treating unwanted lord. Ojulari chose to end it all. He passed on without an issue in 1832(childless) 

OBA OLUWOLE(1834-1841) 

Oba oluwole was the child of Adele ajosun, his succeeded the honored position in 1834 after the demise of his dad, unfortunately,for Oba oluwole, he kicked the bucket without an issue(childless), his passing was because of a horrendous blast of explosive put away in the royal residence. 

OBA AKINTOYE(1841-1845&1851-1853) 

Oba akintoye is another child of ologun kutere, he succeeded the honored position after his sibling and nephews had ruled. Well meaning goal sponsored by shortcoming made him to lose his honored position the his nephew kosoko. In spite of the guidance of his boss, Oba akintoye reviewed kosoko to take him back to overlap . The outcome was that he lost the position of royalty and had the option to get it back through the assistance of the assistance of the British. In 1851 he marked the settlement to stop subjugation 

OBA KOSOKO (1845-1851) 

Oba kosoko is an extremely resilient man, he was exceptionally ground-breaking spiritually.he turned into the Oba of Lagos in 1845 in the wake of plotting an upset against Oba Akitoye in 1845,his rule was warlike he accepted he has languished bad form over not been delegated the Oba a 1841 then in 1845, he plotted an overthrow against his uncle (Oba akintoye). During is rule, the British came to him to sign an arrangement to stop servitude yet Oba kosoko demanded not sign the bargain, at that point Lagos was barraged by the British navel and Oba akitoye was reinstalled as the Oba in 1851 

OBA DOSUNMU (1853-1885) 

In 1853, Oba dosunmu assumed control over the rule of the position of royalty of his progenitor. He made sturdy commitment to the improvement of Lagos and this gave an away from of the elevated thoughts of Obaship which are in consonance with present day development, in august 1861 Oba dosunmu finished up the settlement of cession of Lagos to the British government, Lagos turned into an opportunity land and thusly numerous dealers began to deal with abroad trader for legitimate and prosperous exchange. also, the different protected improvements advanced to transform Lagos into really quiet and prosperous Nigeria city. He kicked the bucket in 1885 

OBA OYEKAN (1885-1900) 

Oba oyekan1 rose the position of authority in 1885 however he didn’t appreciate great wellbeing during his rule yet carried on his obligations till he joined his precursors in 1900. He was prevailing by Oba eshugbayi eleko, Oba oyekan passed on at the of 50 years old. 

OBA ESUGBAYI (1901-1925& 1931 – 1932) 

The reign of Oba ESUGBAYI ELEKO began in 1901,he is famously called as eleko, he succeeded his sibling oyekan1. Be that as it may, during his rule, it was full with British governmental issues and wrangling,because of British legislative issues, he was sent on outcast to Oyo realm by the then senator sir high Clifford in 1925. As the custom of the individuals of Yoruba, anyone on oust is relied upon to be dead individual, in this way the chamber of boss marker along these lines immediately chose another Oba, however during esugbayi banish, he didn’t pass on and he came back to Lagos in 1931 and was reinstalled that equivalent year. He passed on in 1932. 


Oba ibikunle akitoye succeeded the position of authority after oba esugbayi was been sent on banish. In any case, before his establishment, he was told by the cleric that he won’t keep going long on the position of royalty that he will just go through three years on the royal position yet ibikunle demanded his establishment that in the event that he is to go through a day on the royal position , let it be, at that point his establishment occurred ordinarily as the custom merit. During his rule, he was the main Christian oba of Lagos. Precisely three years as anticipated, oba ibikunle akitoye joined his predecessor. What’s more, he was prevailing by Oba sanusi Olusi. 

OBA SANUSI-OLUSI(1928-1931) 

In 1928, after the demise of oba ibikunle akitoye, his cousin sanusi Olusi was picked to succeed him. It was in record that oba sanusi Olusi was the principal Muslim oba of Lagos similarly as ibikunle was the primary Christian oba. During the rule of sanusi Olusi he broke the old agnostic convention by going to the Muslim asking ground on the celebration day in 1928, This activity made adversaries for him from the agnostic group.Also during his reign,he made the unwinding space at the facing of the royal residence which Lagosian famously assembled ESE-IGA,This framed a conference/unwinding point for the Lagos of the old.oba sanusi Olusi was a harmony cherishing oba on the grounds that in 1931, when oba esugbayi came back from oust, he acknowledged to leave the royal position for esugbayi to returned.this humble way, was remunerated by the British government and another castle was worked for him at OKE ARIN. This royal residence is famously called IGA-OLUSI. 

OBA FALOLU(1932-1949) 

Oba falolu rose the position of authority 1932, yet before his establishment ,there was emergency on who to succeed royal position, some were on the side of sanusi Olusi while some were on the side of re-delegating new oba. This emergency prompted the setting of board of request that included 6 customary boss, 2chiefs out of 6 bolstered sanusi Olusi while 4 upheld falolu. Also, oba falolu was pronounced the oba and was introduced promptly, oba fololu didn’t play out the conventional ritual known as ETUTU-IJO (a customary ceremony after the passing of a past oba. Be that as it may, when it turned into an embarrassment,then he later consent to the convention. Oba falolu passed on in 1949 and was prevailing by adeniji Adele 


The reign of oba musendiku adeniji Adele began in 1949 after the passing of oba falolu. Before he turned into the oba he was a senior government employee, he head the treasury division in kano.before and during his rule he had emergency with the dosunmu/oyekan family. Since they accepted that the position of royalty was just implied for individuals from their family only.but sadly for them, the court later the pronounced that the royal position his implied for individuals from the illustrious family yet not just dosunmu/oyekan family. Oba adeniji won in court, however in 1964 he joined his ancestor. And was prevailing by adeyinka oyekan in 1965.

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