Russia Shocks The World Over Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine


As the world struggle towards developing a potent vaccine in arresting the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Russia has declared that it will approve a COVID-19 vaccine by the middle of next month, August, despite the fact that the vaccine is yet to be ascertained by the World Health Organization (WHO). The seemingly spontaneous action of Russia has thrown many people in a state of shock. There is a need for Moscow to thread with utmost caution in order to forestall the occurrence of another avoidable catastrophe.

Following the recent development, there is no mincing word that Russia will be the first country across the world to approve and acknowledge a particular vaccine as a cure to the dreadful coronavirus. The official notice shows that this will be put into execution in less than two weeks. Again, there is an urgent need for Moscow to thread with a great deal of caution. It should be noted that the potency, effectiveness, and scientific validity of this drug has not been established or proved. While every country is working towards finding a lasting solution to the coronavirus menace, it is particularly instructive to say that there is no need for competition or struggle towards outliving one another. The International community needs to be more united than ever before in a bid to put an end to this menace.

It is particularly regrettable that the much-needed unity in diversity has been lacking at the international scene since the coronavirus became a pandemic in early 2020. This course towards disunity began with the pulling out of the United States of America from the World Health Organization (WHO) by President Donald Trump has alleged the organization of complicity with China. The matter was made worse with the action of Moscow that also went ahead with the acknowledgment of Chloroquine as one of the palliative drugs that can be administered on dying coronavirus patients. These are uncalled for.

Working in a silo will not benefit every country and the international system in general. It is extremely astonishing that Russia is yet to release any scientific data on its vaccine testing. This simply implies that it has not been subjected to verification in order to ascertain its safety or otherwise. The fact is that many avoidable lives might be lost if substandard drugs are applied to the dying patient. This is one of the challenges that the world must tackle forthwith. There is a growing concern among the medical experts, who have expressed dissatisfaction that the human testing of the vaccine is yet to be completed.

Already, many Ivy League institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom are working relentlessly in developing potent vaccines that are capable of reviving dying coronavirus patients. The steps being taken are not only transparent but in line with the provision of the WHO. This is an instructive message that Russia should also uphold. Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that the vaccines are in progress and would be produced in mass quantity. While we commend the efforts of the government in ensuring that the needful is done in order to abate the spread of the virus, it must also ensure that the irreducible global standards are followed and adhered to. It should be fundamentally stated that this is not the time to play petty politics with human lives. The world is tacitly at war against the uncommon enemy, coronavirus. Can we please be united?

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