Fake Titus Fish floods the Market


Mackerel fish is the world’s largest fish species. Like oily fish, omega-3 fatty acids are a rich source. The long body has a long sharp snout. Its main coloring body is steel-blue, distinguished dorsally by wavy black lines, and ventrally silver-blue. There are two spinies, far apart spiny dorsal fins.

The findings indicate that cold room operators are more concerned with procuring fake fish, as they are cheaper than the original kind, which has increased their patronage by unsuspecting consumers. The real candlefish can be bought for as low as N300 to N350, whereas the N600 to N700 is large.

While it has been practiced, the rate of circulation in frozen food stores, according to the results started last year has raised concern about its effect on customers. The findings show that fake fish in frozen food outlets and markets are very difficult to recognize because they have the same characteristics as original in terms of scale, color, and texture. The difference can only be easily observed after it has been cooked and consumed. The fake fish is tasteless and less nutritious, I’ve heard.

Have you ever so much wanted Mackerel stew, but met so much disappointment after preparing your taste buds? Will you get another spoon just to make sure that your mouth is not starved and that you have the same bad taste? You begin to wonder, are you going through your recipe trying to figure out how you could be wrong and can’t clutch it yet? This is a fish!!! This is a fish. You have to want to be impostor Mackerel. The truth is that it cannot be falsified, since it is an organic and natural product, without its being genetically modified. But for the sake of this article let us just call it ‘fake.’ And in taste, it isn’t original.

In Nigerian parlance, “Kampala” is the “fake” to stop, for Mackerel also named Eja Ice, Titus, Scumbia, Horse Fish.

Kampala seems like an “original” mackerel, much more appealing to a novice buyer because sometimes it is bigger, but your tastes won’t be a good one I’m going to suggest. The initial tastes like cardboard similar to Titus Kampala. In okra soup, in particular, I love the fish and Stew, but I was, unfortunately, a victim of the fake and now a little expert.

The differences are really subtle but

Here are seven ways you can recognize the Mackerel Original King.

1. The Head: The King may be the original Mackerel, but the crown doesn’t have a wide enough head. The head is smaller than the Kampala impostor, AKA, the King. And little eyes, too to boot,.

2. SIZE : Initial Mackerel is not as big as Kampala, Kampala is “Big for Show” and what about big products in smaller packages?

3. COLOUR :The real color of Mackerel is lighter than the fake.

4.STRIPES : On the original Mackerel, the dark streaks are stronger.

5. Line pattern : Contrary to Kampala, the King Mackerel is wavy, cross-lines.

kampala.6. MOUTH : The Mouth of King Mackerel is elongated.

Belly : The stomach is translucent, white, and light, while Kampala has pale dots in the stomach.

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Mackerel is not only tasty, it is also healthy for the body.

Here are some reasons why you want to eat more:

1) The substantial source of omega-3 fatty acids is mackerel

It is a fact that not enough omega-3s are eaten by most adults.

For example, most adults around the world have low blood levels of these essential fats, apart from people living in East Asia and Scandinavia.

By eating more oily fish rich in these essential fats, the best way to increase our omega-3 intake is.

On the positive side, a large amount of omega-3 is given by mackerel and only one fillet contains 2991 mg of fatty acids. This equates to 2670 mg of omega-3 for every 100 grams.

In fact, it contains more omega-3 than most other oily fish, and mackerel is also a very cheap fish.

The Omega-3 Value

Omega-3 fatty acids have a wide array of health benefits, and inside the body, they have anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

Increasing our intake of omega-3s will enhance cardiovascular and health benefits, among other benefits.

2) Mackerel contains large quantities of vitamin B12

3) Protein-rich

4) Mackerel Contains very low Mercury levels

5) An excellent Selenium Source

6) Can Enhance Cardiovascular Health

7) Mackerel Provides 100% of the Vitamin D RDI For

8) Mackerel can help in reducing levels of triglycerides

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