Thinking is good business, Do it often


You can turn your thinking into a business. Many people don’t have energy to burn on starting or running a business. Meanwhile, some of them are good at coming up with high end creative thinking. Thinking is a business; but many don’t know. Often times, some creative individuals don’t know how to commercialise experience, technical knowhow and even their connections. Among many things one could be endow with in life, intelligence is most “sexy” one. You should start watching how ideas drop into your mind.


Thinking creatively is a special enterprise side of life. As an entrepreneur, all that is needed is ability to build muscles for your ideas, implement or sell it. Either way, you will be better off.

Every great invention starts with someone who thinks. Think of how Facebook started, how WhatsApp built up communities of users. Entrepreneurship is not limited to specific segment; you can always apply your mind to productive purposes.

Someone ones asked me what if I waste my hard earned savings trying to build a business? Don’t laugh at people; don’t let their fears amuse you. Starting up a business is not as easy here and you won’t like to burn the cash you have worked for trying to experiment. It is a risk, but you have to take it.

That is why many people don’t take risk. Meanwhile, the money people are looking for is in the risk they are not taking.

Entrepreneurship life is about choice. People take different routes, decisions to achieve same goal. There is no scientific proof that people want the same thing.

But we all want to be financially free, to be rich or perhaps settled in all ramifications. It is all about Benjamin! Those famous heads imprint on papers drive us to move on daily basis. But people still move differently.

To be rich, financially free people are doing different things. There are many ways to get there. That means you are not glued to the way(s) that is/are not working. If what you’re doing is not yielding desire result, change route.  

Don’t just live for anything, live to the fullest. To some, pay job is the way to success. Then, they go for courses, trainings and seminars. They are updating their skills to be relevant. Economists call it rationality even when human have stopped being rational in their choices.

Some people prefer to be pursuing contracts; deal is the real thing to them. Many buy and sell stuffs. Your profession should not limit you. You can still have your shop while you are engaged in 8am to 5pm. Is it difficult? No, it is not. Perhaps, you are yet to think about it. Who says a medical doctor cannot be an entrepreneur? You imagine how professional stereotype is limiting people!

How do you intend to be rich? Have you asked successful people how they are doing it? Entrepreneurship is not your style right? Whoa! But you do envy those luxury wheels they are using? If I hear you say corruption; I will…. There are people making clean money doing their things, running their shows. Learn from the masters.

The sweet part of being an entrepreneur is negotiation. It is an open market, negotiate your way out! If you don’t like to buy and sell, bring it on, a solid idea that can be prototype and hit the market.

Do you an idea? Interesting, but how are you running with it? Ideas are cheap. Monkeys do have some. They know how to peel banana! You don’t want to be like that. Then, write your business plan. It shows you are thinking. More than ever, people with idea are the ones ruling the world. Thinking is a business. Engage in it, think productively.

Don’t be poor and be proud about it. Start seeing thinking as a business, it will get to a level you will hit your gold mine. Thinking becomes cash cow. Keep using your apps – the brain in your head is not for decoration.

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