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Oil Producing States In Northern Nigeria

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According to a recent NNPC release, crude oil, gas, and condensates have been discovered in the Kolmani River region, which straddles the border of two northern states. This has led to the northern part of Nigeria becoming an additional oil-producing zone.

Preliminary data suggests that the reservoirs in the Yolde, Bima Sandstone, and Pre-Bima formations are stacked siliciclastic cretaceous reservoirs rich in gas, condensate, and light sweet oil with an API gravity of 38 to 41. Hydrocarbon volume estimates are currently being finalized and will be made available soon.

The NNPC has lately reported the discovery of crude oil in the following two states in the country’s northern region.

1. Gombe state

Vanguard said that Inuwa Yahaya, governor of Gombe state, congratulated the President for signing the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), which, according to Yahaya, has been stalled in the National Assembly for more than 13 years. He advocated for further exploration in the Lake Chad basin as a means of bolstering Northeast development.

The governor of Gombe State has projected that by the year 2030, the oil well will contribute to the country reaching its three million daily capacity.


2. Bauchi state

The northern Nigerian state of Bauchi also has a substantial crude oil reserve. After hearing that commercial quantities of oil had been found near the Kolmani field, Vanguard reported that the first drilling location in the north had been found.