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Countries with highest international reserves revealed [Full list]

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Countries with the highest international reserves have been revealed.

According to the World of Statistics 2023 report, China leads the list of countries with the highest reserves (in gold and US dollars), followed by Japan, Switzerland, USA, and India in the top five, while the likes of Cuba, Estonia, Cyprus, Yemen, and South Sudan are at the bottom of the list.

Reserves are funds that central banks exchange with one another at an international level, either in gold or in an internationally accepted currency like the US dollar or the euro.

Special drawing rights (SDRs), or baskets of national currencies, can also be accepted as reserves.

See the full list:

China: $3,427,931

Japan: $1,405,748

Switzerland: $1,109,821

USA: $716,152

India: $638,484

Russia: $632,241

Hong Kong: $496,867

Saudi Arabia: $473,889

South Korea: $463,281

Singapore: $425,097

Brazil: $362,210

Germany: $295,736

Thailand: $246,025

France: $244,280

Italy: $227,478

Israel: $212,933

Mexico: $207,799

UK: $194,181

Indonesia: $144,907

UAE: $131,116

Turkey: $109,534

Canada: $106,615

Spain: $92,201

Norway: $84,270

Denmark: $82,235

Australia: $57,877

South Africa: $57,597

Argentina: $39,653

Nigeria: $36,729

Pakistan: $22,811

Finland: $16,744

Greece: $14,447

Ireland: $13,247

Venezuela: $9,794

Belarus: $8,424

Latvia: $5,491

Ethiopia: $3,046

Estonia: $2,371

Cyprus: $1,611

Yemen: $946

South Sudan: $183

Cuba: 0