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Cost of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg in Nigeria Today – Feb 2024

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In Nigeria today, as of February 26, 2024, the cost of refilling cooking gas per kg has become a topic of considerable interest among households due to the dynamic pricing in the energy sector. With cylinder capacities ranging from 3kg to 50kg, understanding the cost implications and the benefits of using cooking gas is essential for efficient budgeting and energy usage.

Advantages of Using Cooking Gas

No Pollution: Cooking gas is lauded for its clean burning properties, significantly reducing air pollution compared to traditional fuels like firewood or charcoal.

Health Benefits: It offers a healthier cooking environment by minimizing indoor pollution, which is beneficial for women and children who spend considerable time in the kitchen.

Cooks Faster: The efficiency of cooking gas allows for quicker meal preparation, saving valuable time.

Ease of Control: Unlike firewood, cooking gas provides better temperature control, crucial for preparing dishes that require precise heat settings.

Fire Hazards Reduction: It minimizes the risk of accidental fires, offering a safer cooking method compared to open flames or solid fuels.

Lifestyle Upgrade: Although considered a luxury by some due to its cost, cooking gas represents a modern, convenient cooking method and a lifestyle upgrade.

Reduction of Deforestation: Opting for cooking gas over firewood helps combat deforestation, preserving our forests.
Price of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg in Nigeria

As of Today, Feb 26th 2024, The average price for refilling cooking gas in Nigeria stands at ₦1,350 per kg. showcasing the market’s response to increasing demand not only for cooking but also for powering generators.

Price for Various Cylinder Capacities

6kg Cylinder: Popular for its portability, refilling a 6kg cylinder costs around ₦8,100, lasting up to 45 hours for cooking.
12.5kg Cylinder: A heavier option, refilling a 12.5kg cylinder is priced at ₦16,200, with a lifespan of up to 93.75 hours for cooking purposes.

Table: Prices of Refilling Cooking Gas for Different Sizes of Cylinders
Cooking Gas Size Price per kg
1kg ₦1,350
6kg ₦8,100
12.5kg ₦16,875
25kg ₦33,750
50kg ₦67,500

How Long Cooking Gas Lasts

For Cooking: A kg of cooking gas can last about 7½ hours if used non-stop for cooking.
For Powering Generators: When used in gas carburetors for generators, it lasts between 3 to 4 hours.


Understanding the cost and benefits of refilling cooking gas in Nigeria is crucial for making informed decisions about energy consumption. As prices continue to fluctuate, staying updated on market trends will ensure that households can manage their energy needs effectively and enjoy the numerous advantages that cooking gas offers.
Frequently Asked Questions on Cost of Refilling Cooking Gas in Nigeria Today

Is the price of cooking gas the same across all Nigerian states?

While the price of cooking gas per kg might be relatively stable across Nigeria, slight differences can occur due to transportation costs, availability, and local demand. Generally, the difference might be as minimal as 50 naira between states.
How can I calculate the cost of refilling my cooking gas cylinder?

To calculate the cost of refilling your cooking gas cylinder, you need to know the current price per kg of cooking gas (e.g., ₦1,350) and the capacity of your cylinder in kg. Multiply the capacity of your cylinder by the price per kg to get the total cost. For example, for a 6kg cylinder, it would be 6 kg * ₦1,350 = ₦8,100.
What are the safety tips for using cooking gas at home?
    Always ensure your gas cylinder is in a well-ventilated area.
    Regularly check the cylinder, regulator, and hose for leaks using soapy water.
    Never leave cooking unattended on a gas stove.
    Keep flammable materials away from the gas cylinder and stove.
    In case of a gas leak, do not operate electrical switches or use open flames; ventilate the area and fix the leak immediately.
Can I switch my generator from petrol to gas, and how?

Yes, you can switch your generator from petrol to gas by installing a gas carburetor kit designed for generators. This conversion allows your generator to run on LPG. It’s advisable to have a professional perform the installation to ensure safety and efficiency.
How often should I check my cooking gas cylinder for leaks?

It’s recommended to check your cooking gas cylinder, hose, and connections for leaks at least once a month or whenever you replace or reconnect the cylinder. Using soapy water, apply it to the hose, connections, and valve, and look for bubbles that indicate a leak. Regular checks ensure safe usage and help prevent potential accidents.