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Price Of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg In Nigeria Today

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The price of Refilling Cooking Gas Gas Per Kg in Nigeria today depends on the cylinder capacity; there are 3kg, 5kg, 6kg, 10kg, 12.5kg 25kg, and 50kg gas cylinders. Cooking Gas

Gas is being sold per kg. The price of gas in Lagos is the same as in other states in Nigeria, sometimes, the price difference is just 50 naira.

The demand for cooking gas in Nigeria Today has seen a dramatic increase after it was discovered that cooking gas can be used, not only for cooking but for powering generators. It’s very important to note that the price of cooking gas in Nigeria is dynamic and we will keep updating the price as it changes in the gas sector.

Advantages of using Cooking Gas

No Pollution: When you Compare cooking gas with traditional fuels like firewood or charcoal, cooking gas burns cleaner with no single harmful pollutants. This helps reduce air pollution, contributing to better air quality and public health.

Health Benefits: besides reducing pollution of the ambient temperature, cooking gas also reduces indoor pollution which is very good and beneficial to our women and children who spend the most time in the kitchen. Unlike other fuel sources like firewood or kerosene stoves, they emit harmful elements that aren’t good for human health and also cause respiratory problems.

Cooks Faster: Cooking gas provides instant and very effective heat, allowing for faster cooking compared to traditional solid fuels. This efficiency saves a lot of time.

Easy of Control: Unlike firewood,

Cooking Gas

Gas offers better temperature control, allowing for more precise cooking. This control is essential for preparing various dishes, especially some dishes and meals that require a specific amount of temperature during cooking.
Fire Hazards Reduction: Cooking with gas reduces the risk of accidental fires compared to open flames (firewood) or unstable cooking methods using solid fuels. This particular advantage is crucial in preventing fire-related accidents.

Lifestyle Upgrade: The truth remains the fact that a poor man cannot afford cooking gas in the present Nigeria. This is because the price of refilling cooking gas per kg in Nigeria today is high, and the price of cylinders is also very high. So using

Gas is often seen as upgrading one’s lifestyle. It is also viewed as a modern and more convenient method of cooking.

Reduction of Deforestation: cooking with firewood increases deforestation because wood is involved. But using cooking gas instead of traditional firewood can help preserve our forests

Price of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg in Nigeria.

After a recent market research, we found out that the average price of refilling cooking gas per kg in Nigeria as of today, April 22, 2024 is ₦1,100.

A kg of cooking gas lasts about 7½ hours when used non-stop. This can be feasible when used for cooking only. If used to power a generator for those who use gas carburetors for generators in Nigeria, then it’ll only last for 3 to 4 hrs.

Here, we would discuss the different cylinder capacities such as the price of refilling 3kg, 5kg, 6kg, 12.5kg, 25kg 50kg etc.

Price of Refilling 6kg cooking gas in Nigeria

Price of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg

6kg cooking gas is one of the most commonly used cooking gas in Nigeria. It’s easier to carry to the has stations during refill. You can carry empty 6kg cooking gas to about 200m without dropping it.

An empty 6kg cooking gas weighs about 7.5 to 8kg. This is because for it to accommodate 6kg gas, it must weigh more than that and the thickness must be able to carry it.

The average price of refilling 6kg cooking gas in Nigeria today, April 22, 2024 is ₦6,600.

A thoroughly refilled 6kg gas cylinder will last up to 45 hrs before you refill it again if it’s used for only cooking but not to power a generator. If 6kg is used to power a generator, it’ll last a minimum of 18 hours and a maximum of 24 hrs.

Price of Refilling 12.5kg Cooking Gas in Nigeria

Price of Refilling Cooking Gas Per Kg

12.5 kg gas cylinders are heavy. It’s difficult to carry a 12.5kg gas cylinder to a far distance by hand for a refill. An empty 12.5kg gas cylinder weighs between 14.5 to 15.5kg. Please don’t buy any 12.5kg that weighs exactly 12.5kg or even 13kg. This is because the cylinder must be very thick before it can accommodate 12.5kg of gas.

The average price of refilling 12.5kg gas in Nigeria today, April 22, 2024 is ₦13,200.

A 12.5kg gas lasts up to 93.75 hours when used strictly for cooking and between 38 to 50 hours when used to power a generator. If you want to convert your generator to a gas-powered generator, all you need to do is just buy your Gas Carburetor for the generator, that’s all. You don’t need to change your existing engine.

Below is a table showing prices of refilling cooking gas for different sizes of cylinders.

Cooking Gas

Gas Price per kg
1kg ₦1,100
2kg ₦2,200
3kg ₦3,300
5kg ₦5,500
6kg ₦6,600
8kg ₦8,800
9kg ₦9,900
10kg ₦11,000
12kg ₦13,200
12.5kg ₦13,750
25kg ₦27,500
50kg ₦55,000

How Long Cooking Gas Lasts for Cooking and For Powering Generators

As stated in the beginning, cooking gas has different lasting durations for cooking and when using it to power generator. The average lasting duration of cooking gas when used strictly for cooking is 7½ hours while when used to power generators it lasts only but 3 to 4 hours.

Cooking gas per kg Duration for cooking Duration for gas generators

1kg 7.5 hours 3 to 4 hours
3kg 22.5 hours 9 to 12 hours
5kg 37.5 hours 15 to 20 hours
6kg 45 hours 18 to 24 hours
12.5kg 93.75 hours 37.5 to 50 hours
12kg 90 hours 36 to 48.5 hours
25kg 187.5 hours 75 to 100 hours
50kg 375 hours 150 to 200 hours